About Me

I actually am an author and a reader and an artist. I am not a spy. Sadly.

This blog exists so that I can hopefully blog about my journey from undiscovered penmonkey to professional word-person in interesting and entertaining ways. I will discuss my own failings at length, give advice, and coin neologisms. Occasionally, I will rant. Popular rant topics include: the underrepresentation of LGBTQA+ individuals in fiction, the tropification of women in fiction, the belittling of writers who are also women, the heavy importance placed on romantic relationships in fiction, my dislike of the term ‘strong female character’, and other such things. You have been warned.

I love reading and writing in equal measure. Some of my favorite living authors are Neil Gaiman, Maggie Stiefvater, Susan Cooper, and Jim Butcher. Some of my favorite dead authors are William Faulkner, Diana Wynne Jones, Oscar Wilde, and JRR Tolkien. I love to draw, but I will post no artwork of mine. When I’m not watching movies or tv shows, I devote a frightening amount of my free time to thinking about people who don’t exist. I swim and save lives in my not-overwhelmingly-abundant spare time.

The proper name for a group of authors is a travesty. I didn’t make this up, but I wish I did.


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